Energy charge for higher income & Career growth

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Energy charge for higher income & Career growth

About Course

Energy charge gives you the tools, strategies to increase your energy level that helps you to act smarter, faster and to be more productive to have a good work-life balance and have a higher income and better career growth in the long-term of your life and helps you to succeed with your career goals.

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Major benefits of this course:

  • Keeps you energetic from the early morning throughout the day so that you are more productive.
  • Helps you to avoid early morning and after lunch sleepy mood.
  • Helps you to increase your income in the longer run by delivering higher results.
  • Helps you to succeed faster with career promotions and big opportunities by building your brand on results and higher performance.
  • Helps you to build better relationships with people that are also doer and get things done.
  • Helps you to follow the system to protect yourself from diseases, and you stay healthy for a longer life. 
  • Helps you to have a good lifestyle and protects you to avoid back pain and postures' problem.
  • Improve your lifestyle, makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Makes you to act smarter in daily day life.

And much more ……..This will be your best career investment.

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Course content

video 1: Course material Free
video 1.1: Importance and benefits Free
video 1.2: Ignorance effects Free
video 1.3: Course details & overview Free
video 2: Course material
video 2.1: Sleeping habits
video 2.2: Sleeping room optimization
video 2.3: Wake-up habits
video 3: Course material
video 3.1: Power of walk/exercise
video 3.2: Meeting the Shower
video 3.3: Breakfast meeting
video 3.4: Soul healing
video 4: Course material
video 4.1: Industry news and updates
video 4.2: Your To-Do list
video 4.3: Tempo charging
video 5: Course material
video 5.1: Work durations
video 5.2: Rest durations
video 6: Course material
video 6.1: Daylight essentials
video 6.2: Working desk audit
video 6.3: Office and surrounding
video 7: Course material
video 7.1: Multitasking to Level tasking
video 7.2: Progressing with workflow
video 7.3: Excellent completion flows
video 7.4: Expert-level playing
video 8: Course material
video 8.1: Working levels
video 8.2: Act of body language
video 8.3: Appearance performance
video 9: Course material
video 9.1: Healthy eating
video 9.2: Performing with fluid balance
video 9.3: After lunch Booster
video 10: Course material
video 10.1: Discipline strategies
video 10.2: Recap and review session
video 10.3: Next-day mini-lookup
video 10.4: Career development session
video 11: Course material
video 11.1: Habit building flows
video 11.2: Activation planning
video 11.3: Activation optimization
video 12: Course material
video 12.1: Spending time with Family
video 12.2: Socializing with friends
video 12.3: Hobbies & entertainment
video 13: Energy charge equalizer system
video 13.1: Energy charge equalizer system training
video 14.1: Energy charge test & Certificate guide

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Energy Charge for higher income & career growth

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Career 1-1

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