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Contact us:

Thank you for being curious about us. 

You can contact us either you are an author, trainer and would like to offer courses and programs to our growing student community. 

You can also contact us if you are a customer/student and need help with any of your issues related to your account, courses, teachers, payments, etc. 

Please feel free to contact us or reach out to us. You can contact us by three methods.

I: Chat with us  [08:00-15:30 CT and 08:00 - 22:30 CET].

II: Send us an email: [email protected] [Normal reply time within 24 hours].

III: Book an info meeting: Book a 10-minute info meeting here. Info meeting is helpful, if you have queries before making a purchase. We offer audio/video meeting options right through our website. Book Info Meeting.

We have offices In Dallas, TX and in Sweden, EU. We are working in CT zone and CET zone.

Note: Pivotven is a brand and domain name of Cluevest, LLC. For more contact details and information, please visit our main company website:   

Frequently asked questions

1: Why some courses are available for a limited time period in my account after purchasing the courses?

Pivotven aim is to create results for its customers so that they can succeed with their career and life goals. You are most likely to finish the course and learn more by having a deadline.

2: What if I am unable to finish the course within the availability of the time period? Can I request to access a course again?

It is ideal that you buy only one course at a time and focus on this to finish and master those skills. Once you finish with one course, then you can buy your next course. We cannot do anything if you are unable to finish it within the time frame, and it is not possible to give you again access to the course if the deadline is passed, and course is expired. This is something we can do anything as this is system generated. We do not want to destroy our IT infrastructure after investing a substantial amount of capital. Thank you for understanding. If you need a course again, you can buy it again, and it will be available again in your account. We do highly recommend that you finish your courses within the given timeframe than buying it again as it is not good, and we do consider for your best economic interest.

3: I bought a course/s. Can I share my account with my partner/friends?

If you need to buy shoes, you buy each pair for each one. This is same as you buy our courses. One purchase is only for one customer. This is illegal to share or give access to your account/courses to any other person. Our system auto detects and blocks the accounts for suspicious activities. You are on risk by your account is blocked, and you lose access to your account and courses. You are also on risk to be sued by our legal team and pay heavy penalties of fine. If your partner shared an account with you, please save that message/email. You can reach out to us at any time, and we will be able to give you a $50 000 cash gift after winning the lawsuit.

4: Why my account is blocked, and I cannot access my account?

If you share your account password with any other, or log-in to multiple devices at the same time, or you login from different Ips, our system security blocks the account due to suspicious activity. Once the system has blocked your account, we cannot do anything. All your purchased courses will be lost. You need to create a new account with a separate email address. You also need to buy courses again in your new account. We suggest that you do not share your account details with your friends & family, do not use more than three devices, do not use vpn.

5: How can I get $ 50 000 cash gift for reporting anyone who gave me access to the course/course material?

We are very active and vigilant for our copyright protection, and we sue people even with a slightly little suspect. We do not have any economic interest in suing people other than to protect our copyright contents. If someone gave you access to the course or shared course material with you, or even if you find similar contents like us on anywhere else, please report to use so that our legal team can file a lawsuit as soon as possible. As per our experience, we normally win the case in 6-12 months. Once we get the penalty charges from the criminals, we transfer this amount directly to your account as soon as without any delay. Our chances of winning in the legal case are much higher if you can provide us more evidence like email/sms or any other proof where someone shared and gave you access to the protected copyright contents.

6: I paid with the installment plans, when I will be able to access my course/s and account?

If you decide to pay with installments plan, we normally have confirmation of everything in less than 72 hours. As soon, we get confirmation and all the required information. Our team initiate the process to give you access to your course and account. Normally, you will get an email about your account within 72 hours, although sometimes it can take 1-2 days more if there are holidays/weekend in between. Please keep patience and our team is committed to give you the fastest service as it is possible for them. Thank you. Your access duration to the course/s starts once your account is created not while you pay. If you do not get an email about your course/account in maximum 5 days, please send us an email. Please check your spam folder before reaching out to us.   

7: How I can be a good customer of Pivotven?

All the good companies grow by adding value in their customers lives and Pivotven is committed to succeed in its purpose to helping its customers with their income, career growth and to give them a better lifestyle and more happiness. If you like what we are doing, please share it with your friends. Please share on social media and write a blog post for to let people know about us. This is how we will be able to give you even better service. Our growth will bring more value, better service and more products by becoming more cost effective with our business operations.

8: How can I refund the courses/tickets?

Returns/refunds are not available with our courses and tickets. This is because of the nature of our business. We are in expert information and education business. Information is consumed once it is delivered to your account. Please buy the courses/tickets wisely by choosing the right product for you so that you can get a decent amount of value from your purchase. Customer success team is always available through email for further guidance. Please email us if you need help with your purchase. Thank you.  

9: I am a trainer/course instructor, how can I bring my course/s on the Pivotven platform and how compensations are paid?

If you are expert in any domain and have course/s or want to create a course/s, please send us an email, so we will be able to connect you with our product development team. You can launch your course/s on Pivotven platform in less than two weeks. You can bring your course/s almost about anything; Pivotven is an online learning platform and brings courses for career, business, lifestyle and much more. 

We have three plans for compensation. Plan-A: 40% revenue sharing; Plan-B: 50% revenue sharing; Plan-C: 65% revenue sharing. If you take a Plan-A, then we simply launch your course on our platform, and we take 40% of each sale. If you take Plan-B, we also run paid ads campaigns by your stated budget. We take 50% of each sale with Plan-B. As per our experience by running ads, sales are much higher, and this is beneficial for you to get ads manager services on a reasonable price. If you take Plan-C, then we also do seo and content marketing, which help you to have even better marketing and higher number of sales. We take 65% of each sale with Plan-C. 

Plans upgrade is available like if you want to upgrade from Plan-A to Plan-C but then downgrade is not possible due to level of resources and investment we made for content writing, creating, publishing and marketing them. We also highly suggest that you also keep doing marketing of your courses for even better results. Your compensations are paid to your account every 2nd week.