About us:

Pivotven is an online learning and training platform for students, early stage white-collar professionals and mid and higher level corporate professionals. Pivotven is a brand and domain name of Cluevest, LLC.


Cluevest, LLC is a management consulting and investment company and consults and invests in many businesses in more than 45 countries. Cluevest head office is in Dallas, TX. For more info about Cluevest, please visit our company main website: (Cluevest.com)


Pivotven is an online learning and training platform that offers professional-level courses and programs to its customers and helps them to learn new career related skills that will give its customers a competitive edge, keep them relevant to the job market and give them an edge against others by have a higher level of skills to deliver higher results on their job positions and to chase better career opportunities to live their dream lives.


Pivotven customers are talented people and have higher aims for their lives, and Pivotven serves their crucial need to give them the more personalized learning experience and give them courses and programs across the wide range of professional domains and skills level. Students can learn both soft skills and professional related skills that help them to succeed with their long-term goal of their professional career.


Students can take courses across multiple disciplines like Sales, marketing, finance, IT, Project management, leadership, emotional intelligence, Time management and work performance, etc. Pivotven main aim is to keep empowering people in their career so that they not only stay relevant but also excel and always will be better positioned to chase the next goal in their career and easily can be selected for the next opportunity whenever new opportunity becomes available.


If you are hungry for your career and want to keep growing by learning and developing advance level skills. If you have higher dreams, ambitions and expectations with your life and the lifestyle that you want to live and pursue, then Pivotven is the right destination for your career and professional development.


Pivotven is among the top professional learning and training platform among the graduated professionals and even current students from top institutions like Stanford university, Yale university, Georgetown university and many other universities graduates. Pivotven is so popular, favorite and is a go to choice for S & P 500 CEOs and management professionals due to its learning experience and personalized approach to learning, developing and mentoring the customers to take them to the next level and help them to succeed with their career goals.


Pivotven gives a more personalized learning experience, and courses and programs are created by the top professional industry experts. Courses and programs main aim are to help professionals to develop the skills which they can use right after the courses into their real life and take an edge in their professional life and can excel in their career. Pivotven’s courses and programs are developed by deep consideration and give all the important resources to its customers. Courses cover courses resources, research material, quizzes and assignments and more importantly videos' lessons are recorded by using the tools and applications that give better digital learning experience.


Pivotven gives more personalized learning experience and guides its customers by giving them the roadmap for their career development and takes them from point A to point Z in their entire career and this training and development never stop. By keep learning and staying relevant to the market is a key for to live the lifestyle that our customers want and pursue in their lives.


Pivotven is the most affordable solution for to keep growing by learning and investing on training and development in their busy professional lives. Pivotven offers professional courses designed by professionals and offers career advising, coaching, mentoring and helps its customers to gain the skills that will make a difference in their lives. Pivotven has only one aim in its business and professional execution, and that is to give its customers shortest and fastest executable workflow of business processes that help its customers to lead and get the job done with a higher level of excellence.  


Pivotven management is deep humble and is so proud for the results which they have created for its customers and we at Pivotven are positioned and strive at each day to live our passion, dream, vision and do whatever is possible for us to help our customers with their career growth and excellence so that they always have better career growth opportunities, and they always have a higher level of success and income so that our customers can live and pursue their dreamed lifestyle.


We are so happy, humble, excited and proud on who we are and what we bring to the table for our customers. We are so happy, humble and are ready to take on board new customers. If you are looking to have a helping hand for your career development that guides you, empowers you, mentors you and pushes you to the next, big and higher level, then, please give us a try, and you will notice the difference in your skills, talk, thinking and how you feel and act in your professional conduct.


Let’s begin the journey of higher, far higher, non-stoppable that can reshape, redefine the business models and can solve the today and tomorrow complex problems and can create the next big economy. Welcome to the home of Pivotven. Pivotven will make you the pivot of big board rooms and corporate deals and will make you a venerable tycoon, CEO and mastermind in your career. Your dreamed career and lifestyle are possible with the Pivotven.



Pivotven: Helping people to have higher income by chasing the better career opportunities and feel more confident in life by having a better value system.